Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Anne Frank, I took the same stairs today

Today, I walked the same stairs you did, Anne Frank. What a feeling, knowing  that I touched the same floor as you did.

I was inside of the place that used to be your room, your space. I saw the attic, it was there, untouched. In every step I took, I could feel like your spirit was still there, watching us.

You know, the world has gone crazy out there. People are fighting each-other. There is such a hate and angry everywhere. There are some bad guys, they don't have the same hair like Adolf Hitler, but they use the same language, and they drink together expensive wines and champagnes. Trump, Wilders, Putin, Erdogan - there all look alike to me, dictators share things... What a shame what they did to you, and what a shame what they are still doing to rest of the world!

And yes, you did Anne Frank! You are a great writer!

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